This is a listing of some of the New York City writing crews that were active during the 1970s and 1980s. Unfortunately it is not complete. We apologize to the many crews that were not listed.

A - L
3yb - Three Yard Boys
7DS - Seven Deadly Sins
156 (156 Crew)
357 (357 crew)
501 (501 Crew)
AMW- America's Most Wanted
AOK -All Out Kings
BAD Inc. -Boys Are Down
BC - Bad Company
TBK - The Bad Kids aka
The Brooklyn Killers

BLS - Bad Latin Squad
BYB - Bad Yard Boys
BYI - Beyond Your Imagination
TBS - The Bomb Squad
TB - The Boys
CAC - Crazy Ass Criminals
CBS - Can't Be Stopped
CA - Cheeba Action
Challenge To Be Free
Chaos Inc.
CITY - Children Invading The Yards
COD - Children Of Destruction
CBK - City's Badest Kids
TC5 - The Crazy Five
TC5 - The Cool Five
TCA - The Crazy Artists
TCC - The Crazy Crew
CIA - Crazy Insides Artist
TCP - The Crazy Partners
CYA - Crazy Young Artist
CW - Crazy Writers
TCB - The Crazy Bunch
TC - The Crew
TCP - The Crazy Partners
CUK - Cut Up Kidds
TD4 - The Deadly Four
TDS - The Death Squad
DESTINY - Destroying Every Subway Train In New York
TD - The Destroyers
DOG - Devils Of Graffiti
Diamonds Incorporated
TED - The Ebony Dukes
EX Vandals - Experienced Vandals
TF5 - The Fabulous 5ive
TFP - The Fantastic Partners
FC - Fame City
FBA - Fast Breaking Art
FBI - Funk Brothers Incorporated
FX -
GND - Graffiti Never Dies
TGF - The Graffiti Force Mob
GTF - Got The Feeva
TGU - The Graffiti Underground
Grand Masters
GO The Go Club
Hot Crew
HW - Hot Women
INC - Inks No Crime
IBM - Incredible Bombing Masters
INDs Independents
JCS - Just Can't Stop
JHF - Just Having Fun
KSW - Kids Smokin Weed
Kill 'em
TK - The Killers
TKC - The Killer Crew
KA - Kings Arrive
KD - Kings Destroy
KO - Kings Only
The Kools Inc.
TKA - The Kool Artists
TKC - The Kool Cats
LA - Latin Action
LAW - Legions Assassins Wizzards
TLP - The Loco Partners
Looking Good
LOC - Look Out Crew
M - Z
TMA - The Mad Artists
MTA - Mad Transit Artists
TMK - The Majestic Killers
TMT - The Magnificent Team
TM7 - The Magnificent Seven
TMA - The Master Artists
TMB - The Master Blasters
The MOB - Masters Of Broadway
MOG - Masters Of Graffiti
TMR - The Master Race
MG - Mission Graffiti
MPC - Morris Park Crew
MW - Mad Writers
MW - Master Works
TNA - The Nasty Artists
TNB - The Nasty Boys
TNR - The Nasty Rebels
TNS - The Nasty Squad
TNS - They Never Stop
TNT - The Nasty Two aka
TNT - The Nation's Top

NBC - Nation's Best Creations
NOC - Nation Of Creation
News Breakers
NBG - Nothing But Graffiti
NGG - Notorious Graffiti Gangsters
New Wave Art
NCB - No Comp Boys
NSA - Non Stop Action
TOP -The Odd Partners
OLT - Our Latin Thing
OTB - Out To Bomb
PAL - Partners At Large
PHK - Party Hearty Killers
The Pearls
POG - Prisoners Of Graffiti
TPC - The Proud Crowd
TPA - The Public Animals
TR - The Rascals
TR - The Rebels
RIS - Rockin It Suckers
R0C Stars - Roc On City
RTW - Rolling Thunder Writers aka
Rock The World

RW - Rock Well
TSK - The Serious Killers
T6b - The Six Boys
SA - Soul Artists
SSB - Soul Stoned Brothers
TS5 - The Spanish 5ive
TSS - The Squadron Supreme
TS - The Squad
TSK - The Stone Killers
SV - Subway Vandals
TSS - The Super Squad
TST - The Supreme Team
TMK - Tags Master Killers
TAT - Top Artistic Talent aka
Transit Art Team

TM - Tragic Magic
UA - United Artists (Orig.)
UA - United Artists (Seen)
UWB - United We Bomb
UW - Urban Warriors
TVS - The Vamp Squad
(orig. The Vice Squad)
Vo5 Very Outstanding 5
WAR - Writers Already Respected
WC - Writers Corner 188
WOW - Words Of Wisdom
TWB - The Wild Boys
WS - Wild Style
WR - Writer's Revenge
VIC - Vandals In Control
The Vanguards

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