Why is there no information on me or my crew on the site?
The @149st Web site is a work in progress. We currently don't have photos of many writer's work. We are pooling resources and working on expansion of the site. If your efforts on the subway system or on the streets of New York were significant you will eventually be represented on the site.

Feel free to e-mail us any information on yourself and crew.

I don't understand some of the terminology on this site. Can you help me?
We have provided a glossary of terms for non-writers.

Can I do online graffiti @149st?
No. We do not provide that option, but have provided direction to sites that do.
virtual graffiti sites

May I use photographs or text from @149st?
Absolutely not.

Does @149st sponsor or curate writing events?
Yes. @149st has curated several graffiti exhibitions in galleries and other venues in New York. If you are a gallery owner or have access to exhibition space and are interested in working with us, please contact us via email at

Can @149st provide outlines and styles for artists?
No. We have our hands full maintaining the Web site.

Does @149st provide web space?
No. We are not web hosts.

Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.
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