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TRACY 168 - Pioneer
Started: Approx. 1969 Primary affiliations: WANTED, WILD STYLE Local origin: Bronx, N.Y.
Areas hit: IRTs, INDs, BMTs Main lines: Ds, 4s, 5s 2s

Countless top writers site him as being an inspiration. TRACY 168 started his career in the late 1960s when writing was in it's infancy and continued through several generations. His drawing ability and unique sense of color and style set him apart from other writers of his time. TRACY did numerous whole cars with detailed illustrations helping to establish scenery whole cars as part of the culture. TRACY always teamed with the best. He founded the crews WANTED and WILD STYLE with writers like CLIFF, LSD, P NUT, KING 2, CHI CHI 133, LIONEL 168, SONNY 107 and ZEST. He was a true pioneer.
More on TRACY in the future. Visit his personal site: TRACY 168

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Tracy 168

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