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CW is a Williamsburg, Brooklyn based BMT crew that was active from 1977 to 1981. Their presence on the Js, LLs, and Ms was second if not equal to the reigning kings CIA and TOP. CW focused mainly on insides, but also mad significant efforts on doing throw ups and silver block busters. Writers like UN and NA made efforts to be more creative in attempts to race CIA.
Partial listing of CW members: President: BOGIE, Vice President UN ONE, NIF (rip), HN, WAX 36, EO, JIN, PG 3 (rip), NA, TOR, CF, NUT, VEST, NO 2, P13, OE 3.

CW message for PG3

Excerpt from TOR interview. Conducted 10/99 by @149st.

Excerpt from UN ONE interview. Conducted 10/99 by @149st.

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Un Na OE3

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