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RW was a crew based on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The crew was founded in 1980. Two of the neighborhood's top street bombers CHINO 3 aka C3 and CHINO 2 aka C2, served as leaders of the crew. CHINO 3 was the crew's president and CHINO 2 was the vice president.

CHINO 3 assembled some of the areas most active writers to form the crew. Counted among them were SON, SOTO, TEE 2, CAMEO, CAMARO, PAZE and BLONDIE ONE. The Rock Well crew was acknowledged for their prolific tagging on the streets of lower Manhattan during the early 1980s. They competed against other local crews such as The Non Stoppers.

The crew's handy work could also be seen on the interiors of the F line of the IND subway division. RW members favored lay-ups such as the Fort Hamilton station in Brooklyn. By the mid 1980s most of the crew's members had retired. CHINO 3 however, never completely retired. Though his most active days are behind him, his name continually pops up on the streets of lower Manhattan to present day.

CHINO 3 interview Conducted 2/26/02 by @149st.

CHINO 2 interview Conducted 3/13/02 by @149st.

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