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The Crazy 5 is one of the most famous crews in the history of the IRT 2 and 5 lines. As one of the most prolific crews of the 1970s, they became well known for top to bottoms and whole cars. Original members being DEATH, BLADE, VAMM, CRACHEE and TULL 13. Later associates: AJAX, COMET, SILVER TIPS, MAZE. The Crazy Five competed against top whole car crews like The Fabulous Five and The Fantastic Partners.

BLADE was one of the most committed members. He continued to bomb long after all the other original members quit. COMET and BLADE would form a bombing partnership that would peak during the late '70s. They managed to stay on top of younger competitors, maintaining the TC5 crown.

At a time when The original TC5 was mostly retired, COMET granted presidency of TC5 to LI'L SEEN. This led to a new Identity and what would essentially be a new TC5. COMET's action would later be the point of great controversy.

More on TC5 in the future.

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