The VO5 crew was formed on Staten Island in 1983. The founding members were SHUN, LASK, SIET, SEAR and JEM. Subsequent members included ROM, KROME, BURN 1, CHARM, ON 2, HUT, HI 5, KAVES, REVLON, SOKE, HECK and GANO. They certainly made their mark on the streets of Staten Island, but what set the crew apart from their Staten Island peers was their drive and and ambition.

Staten Island is the only one of New York City's five boroughs that is not connected to the subway system, so few graffiti crews ventured off the island, but VO5 was among the few.

VO5 followed in the footsteps of earlier Staten Island crews such as The Fabulous 5 (TF5) and the Staten Island branch of The Vamp Squad (TVS) and ventured to the subway system. During this period VO5 expanded membership with writers from across the city including KAVES and REVLON of Brooklyn. Some of their best heir handiwork could be seen on IRT and BMT subway divisions. Undoubtedly one of Staten Island's premier crews, they held their own in the competitive arena of the New York City subway systerm.

Today crew members LASK ONE and ON TWO remain active painting works on walls throughout the city. They also produce art and music events such as the All City Black Book Battle series, and B-Boy dance competitions that draw some of the city's best known writers and b-boys.

LASK ONE Inrerview Conducted by @149st June 2011.

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Photos courtesy of VO5 Crew.


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