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The Cool 5 is an off shoot of the legendary Crazy 5. By the late 1970s most of the original Crazy 5 had quit. In a controversial move, COMET a member of The Crazy 5 granted presidency to newer generation writer SEEN (occasionally referred to as LITTLE SEEN to distinguish him from SEEN UA). SEEN rebuilt the crew with contemporary talent and eventually changed the name to The Cool 5. Writers like BEAM, AGENT, JUICE, DOZE, DONTAY, DERO, PINK, DOC aka ARAB and WEST in addition to others have comprised membership.

Arab West Arab
Dero TC5 nab

The works of TC5 were a common site on New York City's subway, particularly the IRT division. They became well known for burners and characters with a classic Hip-Hop edge. Many of the characters were created by DOZE,who was also a member of the Rock Steady Crew. He has relocated to the west coast where he implementing his skills as a professional illustrator. His works have been seen in many of the major Hip-Hop magazines as well as CD jackets. Writers like DERO and WEST and DOC continued to maintain the TC5 transit presence even after SEEN became less active. TC5 is still quite active, being major players in New York City's large scale murals. Despite the controversy, SEEN's reconstruction was an honorable effort with respect to the original TC5. The Cool 5 shares some common membership with the crew Fame City.

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More on The Cool 5 in the future.

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