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FC was founded around 1982 by PHIL 167 aka THUD in Yonkers New York. FC originally stood First Class. During the early to mid 1980s FC was one of the more famous crews on the IRT, particularly on the 1 and 3 lines. Initial crew membership included JEL aka WASPY, RAZZY RAZ, AXE, SLIN 2, CW (CRAZY WHITEBOY) and BRONX STYLE BOB. By 1984 WEST ONE, SERGE, PLEEZE, ALAS, MORE and RISK had also been inducted into the crew. PHIL 167 eventually passed FC leadership to WEST and JEL.

Today the crew produces some of the most detailed murals on New York City. The crew has a large yet, very exclusive membership.
Official Fame City membership Provided by WEST ONE

Some FC crew members have utilized their talent in the clothing design industry. BRUE, WEST, SERGE and ZULU collectively form the company PNB NATION. PNB produces an internationally distributed clothing line as well as set and logo designs. Visit PNB Nation

WEST ONE Interview conducted by SPAR ONE March 2002

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