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This Bronx based crew hit the IRT division during the late 1970s and early '80s. They concentrated their efforts on the number 4 express line. Their work could also be seen on the IND division on the D and CC lines.

MITCH 77 was one the main LA members and one of the all time 4 line kings. He was a major force during the late 1970s. He did many stylized yet legible letters with very bright colors. He also dedicated a large amount of time to insides.

Crew members like MED made trips out to Brooklyn to hit BMT lines with other crews like CIA and TKA. Latin Action membership has included MITCH 77 aka TUE aka 7 UP, DISCO aka MED and many others. The crew had many members in common with other IRT crews like TKA and OTB.

More on Latin Action in the future.

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