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Salsa, founded in 1975, with members SCHICK ONE, KROME 100, GAME 5, FDT 56 and PAX. The crew was most active during the mid to late 1970s. Most members were from The Bronx. They wrote all-city, but were particularly effective on the 1 and 4 lines in the IRT division. Prominent members were SCHICK, KROME 100, WASP ONE, FDT 56, OZ 109, BLUE BEARD 183, LUIS 176, WHIZ 3, PAX, SHADOW, HOY 56, BOC, AT aka SAVE THE WORKER, LEFTY, COCO 174, BIN aka ED 167, RISK I, MAX 1 and MITCH 77.

KROME, SCHICK and WASP produced many whole cars on Broadway (1 line). Their works were often adorned with cartoon characters and city scapes. OZ 109 focused more attention on subway car interiors as did FDT 56 who was an extremely effective all-city bomber. FDT 56 also bombed buses and highly trafficked public areas such as Central Park.

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WASP became famous for his colorful pieces with horizontal streaks which became a trademark of sorts. A unique fashion in which WASP became an insides king was to methodically target the same area of every subway car he hit. He selected a vertical pane, adjacent to the doors between each subway car. During the early 1980s WASP displayed paintings on canvas in art galleries.

SCHICK ONE holds a special place in New York City history beyond his career in subway painting. He was a pioneer in Latino Hip Hop. He was a member of the group Mean Machine which featured MCs Mr. SCHICK, Jimmy Mac, Mr. Nice and DJ Julio. They were the first group to record bilingual rap on a song titled Disco Dream on Sugarhill Records in 1981. MR. SCHICK performed the Spanish verses on the song.

The writers DEN and PANCHO of the BMT division RRs also wrote SALSA.

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