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RTW was a Broadway crew founded by BIL-ROCK aka SAGE in the mid to late 70s. Early generation RTWs include: BIL ROCK, VANDAL, NE aka MIN, RASTA,SE 3 aka HAZE, CRUNCH, REVOLT, STRIKE, ZEPHYR and MACKIE. They bombed the One Tunnel, following in the footsteps of crews like GO, TR and SA. This early incarnation of RTW was known for a broad and progressive color pallet. Their pieces had incredible colors. They were experimenting with unusual brands of paint and getting distinctive results. The works had a definite psychedelic edge.They hit both insides and out, quickly becoming noticed on the 1s and 3s. It wasn't long before they out grew the confines of Broadway, and they went all city. By 1982 RTWs identity changed dramatically. Many of the original members quit, though the more prolific members continued. With MIN ONE as a leading force and with the decaying social climate RTW became a much more physically aggressive crew. With TVS and WOW as allies and the likes RICH 2, BOE many writers were intimidated. RTW continued to be prolific, particularly on the letter lines. They were pretty much unstoppable. MIN, SACH and QUIK produced a wave of throw ups which rivaled the mid 70s. Rolling Thunder Writers undoubtedly earned their place in New York City history.

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