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Aliases: SE 3
Started:1972 Primary affiliations: RTW, SA Local origin: NYC, NY
Areas hit: IRTs, BMTs,INDs Main lines: 1s, 3s

HAZE started his writing career in 1972 on the streets of Manhattan's Upper West Side. He quickly graduated to the subway, starting off on the number 1 (Broadway) and 3 lines, writing with crews like RTW and the SOUL ARTISTS. By the late 1970s his works were a common site on these lines. Having established himself locally, he set off to conquer new ground. He and fellow RTW members expanded to the IND and BMT subway divisions, on which they made their most concentrated bombing efforts during the early 1980s. HAZE developed unique letter forms and an extremely distinguished hand style. This type of attention to his craft would prove to be an excellent foundation for the next step in his evolution as an artist.

haze haze Haze
haze haze 138 haze

Though HAZE experienced success in the gallery scene along side the likes of KENNY SCHARF, KEITH HARING and others he opted for something for which he held more passion; graphic design. HAZE became one of the most successful Hip Hop art directors in the world. When Hip Hop commercial identity was in it's infancy, he created imagery and direction for top artists. He counts among his accomplishments, the logos for Tommy Boy Records, Cold Chillin and EPMD in addition to LP sleeves for Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and others.

After successfully marketing clients, HAZE chose to change gears and market himself. In 1990 HAZE left New York City for Los Angles California. He founded HYPERFORMANCE Inc. The company designs an internationally distributed clothing line, maintaining a succesfully true independent status, in a market that is increasingly co-opted by big corporations. In addition HAZE's company designs jewelry and furniture. The "HAZE" tag he refined on New York's subways now adorns many of the company's products.

In early 1999 HAZE collaborated with DJ PREMIER on NEW YORK REALITY CHECK, a compilation reflecting the current state of New York underground Hip Hop. HAZE's roots as a subway artist and his eagerness to explore new ground have proven to be an excellent combination for success.

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