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Aliases: NE, WAYNE
Started: 1977 Primary affiliations: RTW, TVS, TNS Local origin: NYC
Areas hit: IRTs, BMTs,INDs Main lines: 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s As, Bs, CCs Ds,Es, Fs, GGs, Js, LLs, Ms, Ns, RRs

One of the last true city wide kings was MIN ONE aka NE. He wrote during the late 1970s and peaked during the early 1980s. MIN upheld all-city bombing traditions set by mid 1970s writers like CLIFF 159, JESTER 1, IN, IZ, VINNY, TEE 3YB.

To MIN's credit he bombed against The Buff. A buff stronger than any previous buff, but MIN still managed to stay on top of the MTA as well as the competition. NE throw-ups and MIN insides were all over the system. MIN also did his share of colorful whole cars with writers like T KID, SHY147 (rip), KEL139 and DURO. MIN put in his dues and then some.

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Min One

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