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BABY 168

Aliases: BABY FACE 168, BY
Started: 1975 Primary affiliations: TVS, TD, RTW, TNB Local origin: Brooklyn
Main Lines: BMT, IRT

BABY 168, of Brooklyn began his writing career in the mid 1970s. He is most well-known for his work during the early 1980s. During this time period BABY was known for his works that ran on the 1 and 3 lines of the IRT Division on which he produced works with writers like TKID 170 and SHOCK. He produced some of his most celebrated whole cars on the BMT subway division. His work was frequently seen on the J, M, LL and RR subway lines. He was also known for his BY throw-ups. He teamed up with writers like BAD BID, CRIME 79 and PEO. By the late 1980s BABY drew his subway writing career to a close. Despite his retirement he maintaind a cult-like status and influence to later generations of writers.

More on BABY in the future.

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