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What year did you start writing?
I started writing around '75, '76 give or take. I use to just bug out on the trains. Ride the coalminer trains and all that I use to see. The tags up and all that and you travel deeper and deeper in the city and you see pieces here pieces there and I said wooo we could take this to a different level and that's the way it happened. Slowly two years down the line I started doing outsides and seeing everybody come up and that's the way I started off.

What borough are you originally from?
I was originally born in Brooklyn comin' down straight out. I first started writing in Brooklyn, motion tags and all that. When I really started peiceing up was the IRTs, the 1s. I started seeing a lot of burners so I started going where it was at. I'm originally from Brooklyn, East New York, Bushwick from out that way and I went all city you know how that goes.

Who were you hitting the 1 line with?
I met up with T-KID 170. Me and T-KID use to battle up in books and then we said let's take it to the trains. We did and me and him started peiceing up on the 1s. I was peiceing with him and SHOCK.

Who were some of the writers that were really influential to you?
LEE and the Fabulous 5, The Death Squad, PADRE all these cats. You know what I'm saying.

What were some of the first crews you got into back in the days?
I was really a loner. The first crew I got down with was with T-KID. Once me and him did that whole car together me and him clicked he already had The Nasty boys so I started putting up that and TVS, RTW, TD (The Destroyers) and Prisoners of Graffiti. Basically that was it. Those were the crews that I tagged up.

How did you meet CRIME 79 and PEO?
I met BID first. He showed me all the lay-ups in Brooklyn and from there on he knew CRIME 79 and he knew PEO and introduced me to them. I saw CRIME's pieces up on the trains and I said he had flavor, so I met with Crime79 and we started piecing up together and that was history. Whole cars here and there just blowing up the BMTs !

What were your favorite lay-ups and yards to hit?
I liked the Ghost Yard and the 1 tunnel was my favorite; nothing could beat that. I liked Sheeps Head Bay for the BMTs. I hit Cherry Hill. I hit the J Yard and the last stop on 168th street on the Js, the Bowery, Duey Yard. All the BMT yards I bombed them. The IRTs I went to Tracey Towers back in the days. That was a fat spot. That's basically it. The best spot was the 1 tunnel. I had a lot of fun there. The best on the BMTs was the J Yard. We had that locked down!

Tell us some raid stories.
I've got a lot of them. Me and PG 3 went to the M Yard and we were doing a married car. I was doing a BABY FACE 168 for halloween and he was doing a PGISM and we was doin' that sh*t phat and all the sudden the train lights went on! I said "yo man letŐs go down!" and we went underneath. We started looking. There were cops everywhere, but we got away. We almost got caught!

How did you get your paint?
We use to rack up. We had this little method. My man BID, he was colored so everybody use to hawk him down before me and I'm light skin. I use to go in there with an army jacket. I use to prep myself like I was a white boy and I use to go in there with two shopping bags, so I sent BID inside and everyone use to hawk him down so he would act like he was stealing and then I would fill up my bags and walk out of the store.When we came out, me and him we would split up the paint. We would hit about three or four stores and me and him would come home with like 100 cans each. That's the way I use to rack up.

What were some of your favorite stores to rack up paint in the city?
All over the city. The best ones were on Long Island. They are not hip to it (shoplifting paint) so when you go to Long Island you come back with your trunk full. Those are the best.

What was your favorite brand of paint to use and your favorite colors.
Krylons because they had mad beautiful colors like Pastel Aqua, Jungle Green, Cherry Red. True Blue was my favorite. I love the True Blue Krylons. They were phat! When you use silvers everything was Krylon.

Any closing words?
Just keep on using your imagination and do positive with it.

Any shout outs?
So many shout outs I'll tell you this a shout out to everybody word!!

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