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Young women participated in writing from its earliest days, but have always been in the minority. The assumption that the qualities required of a successful writer are gender specific have been dis-proven time and again by many young women. Throughout the years many young women have earned their places in New York City's aerosol art history.


In aerosol art culture women face many obstacles not encountered by men. The late hours and desolate locations in which most writing is done can be particularly dangerous for women. As with many male-dominated fields the social atmosphere can be extremely harsh. Female writers are often subjected to all kinds of harassment. They are frequently the subjects of rumors such as "She sleeps around to get style." or "Her boyfriend writes for her". In general women have to struggle for respect for their accomplishments. Another barrier frequently encountered was possessive boyfriends who discouraged participation in a male-dominated field.

EARLY 1970s
Females to gain attention during the early 1970s were writers like Brooklyn's STONEY and COWBOY. GRAPE and CHARMINE were also early female writers. Probably the most prolific of the time period were Manhattan's BARBARA 62 and EVA 62. These women hit streets, public parks and subway stations with as much vigor as their male counter parts. KIVU, POONIE 1 and SUKI were also active around this time.

From 1974 to 1979 few young women made consistent efforts on the streets and subways. During this time period LIL LOVE 2 of Manhattan occasionally accompanied her brother LEE (Quinones) to the lay-ups, but for the most part female writers were not active.

In 1979 PINK also known as LADY PINK came into prominence. She would become the most enduring and accomplished female figure in the history of writing to date. Since that time PINK has been an ever-present creative force in aerosol art.

In addition to the continued presence of PINK the 1980s saw female subway writers such LADY HEART, ABBY, CHIC. SS, (LIL-LOVE TBK), DAWN, ANNA and BAMBI. LADY BUG gained attention for her throw-ups on the BMT division during the mid to late 1980s.

The new breed of female writers shows a level of commitment seldom seen in earlier generations. These women are involved in bombing, burners, roller letters and tagging on the streets on New York City. Recent female writers to make significant impact are MS. MAGGS who broke ground in the early '90s. Brooklyn's DIVA, HOPE, and DONA of the Vandals In Control crew, they have produced many elaborate murals across the city. JAKEE from the borough of Queens was a prolific street bomber during the late 1990s. Other recent day female New York City writers include MUCK, FNS, CLAW, MISS 17, ICON, EROTICA 67 and NAISHA.

With aerosol art's expansion outside New York City in the 1980s many women across the globe pursued careers as writers. MICKEY of Holland and BLUE of Sweden have made significant strides and are a part of the New York writing scene, writing for the Fantastic Partners crew.

It is to the credit of all the generations of women that they thrive in a sometimes misogynistic "boys club" culture.

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