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Who inspired you to write?
I started writing in '76. What inspired me was that my mother lived right in front of the Williamsburg Bridge and all the trains use to go by and I use to admire all the fat colorful pieces and that's what inspired to start drawing and stuff. There was this kid named DP DYNAMITE-PINTO. He was nice he use to do all kinds of characters. He did a Mickey Mouse and a Donald Duck and a Snoopy. So I started drawing that stuff to but before you know it I started getting better. I said dam let me try this with a can on the street. Wow! I did the only Snoopy he was drippin' the paint was all over the place it came out really sloppy, but thru out the years I started getting better. I started getting up and I started gettin' known well known.

Who brought you to trains?
You could say I took that venture on my own, 'cause I'm a leader see what I'm sayin'. I was curious. I was intrigued about how to get into the yards I did it own I went to the M Yard and there I met this kid named MINT. MINT and MIST remember those guys. They were way ahead of their time. They were doing wild style with all the flavor colors.

When did you come out with CW (Crazy Writers crew)?
Well I'm gona' set the record straight today 10-21-1999. Everybody feels IÕm the prez of CW. I'm not. I'm the vice president. The prez of CW is this guy name BOGIE. Hhe made me vice president.

NA and TOR were important members of your crew. How did you met them?
I could tell you that I really don't remember bro. It's strange because we were hanging out since we were kids It probably happened when I was coming out of a weed spot in Bushwick I saw TOR tagging on an old building on a tin, and I said "You write what"? and he looked at me and said what you write? We were ready to fight and he said I write TOR and I said "You're TOR!" and I said "You wanna write for CW?" He said "Bet!" We started writing, then we came out with TD4. That's when he introduced me to NA. Because he knew NA before I knew NA and we had The Deadly Four. The four of us. It was me, SHEEK, NA, and NIF (rip). Let me give props to NIF. 'Cause NIF is my man. Yo, I ain't gona' front.

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