Aliases: LED 2 Started:1975 Primary affiliations: TFP, TNS Local origin: NYC Areas hit: Street walls Bronx, Manhattan, Queens
Lines hit:
Js, LLs, Ms, CCs, Ds,Es, Fs, RRs

As a native New Yorker SPAR observed subway art from its earliest stages. He began his writing career on the streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side during the mid 1970s. He made his transition to the subway system in 1977. At this point he formed a partnership with his classmate the Late EL 3. SPAR favored the E, F, LL, J, M and RR lines. He wrote for Lower East Side crews like The Mad Artists and The Non Stoppers.

SPAR has painted with a wide variety of artists including SENT TFP, KING KASE, NOAH, DURO, SOE, JOE 61, CEL, LAC, KEO, CHAIN 3, JAMESTOP and many others. SPAR's work has been formally exhibited in a variety of venus including Black and White in Color Gallery, American Vision 145, The New York Public Library and The Fun Gallery. His work has appeared in the books Spraycan Art, and New York Graffiti 1972-82 as well as Stress Magazine. In 1998 SPAR ONE founded the Web site @149st New York City Cyber Bench ( The site is dedicated to the preservation of the history of New York City subway art. @149st is the result of SPAR's long-term observation and commitment to New York City aerosol art and culture. SPAR's objective is to offer comprehensive documentation of the New York school's many generations crews and artists. SPAR utilizes connections with transit era writers across the city to ensure the factual integrity of the site's content. He is also a contributing author to the book Graffiti New York.

MEMORIES: Line switching/storage and survival of old work
Visit SPAR's personal Web site: SPARONE.NET


Spar Spar 138 Led

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