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Where and what year did you start writing?
As early as 1973, I went by CUD. (Did my first piece on a building on my block, 4th Street between C and D.) I started first writing with CISCO aka PEO in 1974. I tried several alias, ZE was the name I used when I went doing trains with CISCO. We first started in the streets and then he (PEO) blew up onto the trains. Met the likes of IZ, MIN, LEE (Of course can not stop to mention LEE when speaking about the Lower East Side) Then CISCO soon started getting locked up regularly and I started to take the form of writing CHINO 137, then it was too many numbers, so I dropped all but the three. (Which later came to me such as I was the third born along my siblings).

The number three became an obsession with me; I collected and thought of all in threes. C2 and I met in 1978 and instantly became very close. We shared same likes, thoughts and dislikes. His passion for the bomb fueled mine and together we set out to secure a place as Lower East Side street writers.

Which writers inspired you to become a writer?
CISCO, STAY HIGH 149, TRACY 168, CURLY 3YB, all the old school niggers, just to name a few, the list is endless, I'm 40 going on 41 this year, so I was around back then.

What borough are you originally from?
Born and raised in Manhattan.

How did you get your name?
I am Chinese/Puerto Rican. First I used CUD, then ZE, CHINO 137, then I dropped the 1 and 7 shortly. C2 was not even in the picture, that would take place in the late seventies, like '78 -'79.

Who are the oldest Lower East Side writers you remember?
KOOL BREEZE, BUCK, BOLD, CLYDE street writers from the hood.

Where and what year did you start writing on trains?
As early as 1973.

What lines have you hit?
F Train bombed, J, M motion (Early seventies).

What crews have you written for ?
I met UN from CW once and he and immediately gave me a spot in his crew, but I was trying to get my crew up ahead of everyone else's. Although I have been placed in numerous crews, BLONDIE's The Mad Artist was one crew I wrote for with great efforts (He later returned the favor by tagging for my crew, RW when he wrote).

How did RW start?
After C2 and I met we decided to start a local crew of our own, since I was a dancer and rocking applied to both writing and dancing, We established our crews along with local street writers from our neighborhood.

Did RW have any rivals?
If any, The Non Stoppers were probably them. We were rivals only on the walls (much props to all their members, they gave us the urge to push further with our efforts).

Who was your most successful partner?
C2 the one any only true writing partner of mine.

When did you quit?
About five years ago, sort of.

Who were the most popular writers of your era?
Tough question, so many; CIA, RTW, UA, TF5, you know the master piece artists, like you. There were so many it is hard to single out.

Are you currently involved in art in any capacity?
I work in an architectural firm and do my outside thing in lighting design.

Any closing words?
I would like to dedicate this interview page to my loving children Marie and Michael. Without them this life of mine would be just that, life of mine. It's now ours!

P.S. Shout outs to all my fellow writers, you all know who you are.

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