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This lay-up is located on NYC's IRT number 5 line in the Bronx at the Morris Park/Esplanade stop. It houses 5s and 2s. It is a double track lay-up, utilizing two non-service tracks which lie between the north and south bound tracks.

The lay-up is divided into two sections. The first section is known as "The Stick Out". It is an above ground lay-up extending southward from the Morris Park station. This area has several large steel dividers. These dividers are ideal to climb when executing whole cars. The second portion of the lay-up is located within the tunnel between the Morris Park and Pelham Parkway stations. This area has climbable concrete dividers making it a desirable place to paint.

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Esplanade tunnel Esplanade stickout Esplanade stickout
Esplanade tunnel Esplanade stickout Esplanade stickout

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