Aliases: DEAL, ERIC 700 Primary affiliations: CIA Local origin: NYC
Lines hit: Js, LLs, Ms, Fs, 5s, 2s

Eric “DEAL” Felisbret, is a former graffiti artist, lecturer, and an acknowledged authority on graffiti history. He has spent several decades participating in the culture, observing and documenting it.

Raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Eric wrote for several crews such as TMA, CW, TNS and most notably for the prestigious CIA crew of Brooklyn where he functioned as the unofficial crew photographer. During this time he forged close and long-lasting friendships with some of the most important figures in the movement. Eric's passion for graffiti ran much deeper than just the desire to paint. He was intrigued by the culture's origins and backstories. He set out to learn every detail he could about the movement. Being an active graffiti artist served as fieldwork, allowing for intimate access to and a first-hand understanding of the culture. During this time he began to conduct informal interviews and photograph work by graffiti artists across the city. In the mid-1990s, Eric along with fellow graffiti artist SPAR ONE, they began to record formal interviews with graffiti artists. Then in 1998 they launched, a comprehensive online documentation of New York City's graffiti sculture and history.

The media consistently seeks Eric for his expertise on graffiti. He has frequently been quoted in The New York Times and has made numerous television and radio appearances, including NY1 Television, the BBC, NPR and MBC, South Korea. He also served as a dialogue consultant for NBC Television's Law & Order. His photographs have been published in The New York Resident, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Dondi White: Style Master General, Fuzz One: A Bronx Childhood and PART ONE The Death Squad. His writing on graffiti has appeared in Stress magazine, Elemental magazine and The Michigan Citizen. He has also cosulted for ad agencies in the interest securing graffiti artists for design work.

In 2009, Abrams published his book Graffiti New York -- an observation of the art form across four decades.

Currently Eric is producing a series of documentary shorts focusing on the lives of New York City graffiti artists.

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