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Aliases: LAD
Started:1972 Primary affiliations: MGA, OTB, MAFIA, TDS, MG Local origin: Bronx
Lines hit: 2s 4s, 5s, As, Ds

BOOTS 119's career commenced in the early 1970s. HIs most active period was during the mid to late 1970s. His name could be seen primarly on the 2, 4, and 5 lines on the IRT subway division. He was known for stylish his peices and was associated with the some of the era's most famous crews, including the MG Boys also know as Mission Graffiti and OTB Out To Bomb. He wrote with a variety of well known writers including VIC 161, SIMON 007, MS 161, NOC 167 and FUZZ ONE. He counts DOO2, BILLY 167, NOC 167 and CHAIN 3 as inspirations. Around 1990, BOOTS made a brief comback during the Clean Train era. In 2006 BOOTS came back to the scene. His name can currently be seen on walls throughout the Bronx and upper Manhattan.


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