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Started: 1976 Primary affiliations: TNS Local origin: Manhattan-Lower East Side
Main lines: Es, Fs, Bs, Ds Ms, 5s, RRs

BK ONE started writing on the streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side in the summer of 1976 under the alias BINGO. He was influenced by local writers such as FLEA TMB, T BOY, CAZ 2 TMB, CISCO aka PEO TMB and ICE 3. His earliest experinces with transit graffiti occured at the 2nd Avenue lay-up for the IND B line. The peak of BK's activity on trains occured between 1980 and 1982. At that point he wrote with the TNS crew with writers such as EL3 (rip), FIN 56, SNAP, REN and SOE2. BK put forth particular effort on the E and F line interiors during this time period. BK also had an alternate name BI, which was used exclusively for throw-ups.

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