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Aliases: DELI 167
Started:# Primary affiliations: OTB, MAFIA Local origin: Bronx, NY
Main lines: 4s 1s, 3s 2s, 5s, 6s

BAN TWO is one of the legends of the IRT in particular the 4 line and Broadway. Ban was next door neighbors with NOC 167 in the Bronx so he was definitely schooled properly. He seemed to come out of thin air. Almost over night he became a major problem for the Transit Authority. He had insides and outsides on almost every 4 train, assuring a place in history as one of the 4 lines greatest bombers. BAN peaked in 1979 and '80. He frequently bombed solo, but also ran tight with writers like FUZZ ONE.

BAN 2 interview Conducted by SPAR ONE, January 1999.

Photos property of BAN 2

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