Aliases: LOVIN2, WED Started: Approximately 1976 Primary affiliations: CIA, TOP
Local origin:
Brooklyn Lines hit: Js. Ms LLs, As, CCs, 2s, 5s

AERON also known as LOVIN 2 hailed from Brooklyn. He was most active between 1978 and 1982. AERON was a member of high ranking Brooklyn crews such as Crazy Insides Artists (CIA) and The Odd Partners (TOP). He wrote on all three subway divisions. Most of his creative work was seen on the the 2 and 5 IRT lines where he produced many two-man burner whole cars with the late DONDI White. AERON also well known for bombing subway car interiors. He was particularly aggressive on the 2 and 5 IRT lines as well as the J. M and LLs ont the BMT division and the As and CCs of the IND division.

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