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Aliases: WG, SUPER SOUL Started:1970
Primary affiliations:
Ex Vandals, WAR Local origin: Brooklyn
Areas hit: Brooklyn streets Lines hit: Ds, QJs, 4s, 5s, 2s

WICKED GARY started tagging during the early 1970s on the streets of Brooklyn. He was a key player in the establishment in an important structural element of aerosol art culture. The elelement of which we speak is the formal orgagnization of the writing crew. WG was an original member of one of aerosol art's first orgagnized crews; The Ex Vandals. In 1970 and 1971 WG took an active role in recruiting talent and buliding strength. He was also instrumental in defining "bombing stratagies" for the crew. The efforts of WG and others of the time would set the pace for generations to come.

Hailing from an era when tags were the primary means of bombing, WICKED GARY came up with a unique means of quickly distinguishing his name from within surfaces covered by possibly dozens of names. He simply placed a box around his name. (Simple innovations such as this prove to be the life blood of aerosol art. The momentum cast by each writer adding his own unique element has made aerosol art an everchanging art form.)

WICKED GARY participated in early formal exhibitions of aerosol art such as Hugo Martinez's United Graffiti Artists. There he innovated; creating detailed visual experiences such as spacescapes within the framework of letter forms.

Currently WICKED GARY is active as a aerosol art historian; speaking at educational institutions such as New York City's School of Visual Arts. He continues to apply his leadership ability, orgagnizing international writer's meetings. In addition WG is an accomplished precussionest and DJ.

Excerpts from WICKED GARY interview conducted in December 1999 by @149st

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