@149st has complied a list of films and videos primarily from the New York City movement.

Bomb It
Global graffiti documentary directed by Jon Reiss. Featuring street artists and top graffiti writers from five continents Including New York's TKID 170, COPE STAY HIGH149, TAKI 183. LADY PINK and many others.
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Fuk Graff
This new DVD successfully captures some of the raw emotion of New York's current underground bombing scene. Showcases mainly street bombing missions, but also touches on freights and some New York City subways. The dialog is limited, but great sound bites from the writers effectively convey the hard core intensity held by some writers active in the current scene. Funky Hip Hop tracks back the visuals. DEE 17, KORN, NOVA, FRESH, SPEK, OVAL, 9 VOLT, PUNCH, TECH, MISTA and many others are featured. Still photos of old school works are also included.

GV4 (Graffiti Verite' 4)
This is the fourth film in the Graffiti Verite series by Los Angeles based director Bob Bryan.

Bryan documents the process of a single artist creating a work of art. Bryan reveals Ohio artist SANO's step-by- step creative and technical processes from concept and sketch through completed art work. What also emerges from the film is an intimate portrait of SANO as an artist.

This film is an essential resource for educators, students, artists and anyone who has been curious about the technical process of creating graffiti art paintings.

Bomb It
INFAMY is an intense journey into the dangerous lives and obsessed minds of six of America’s most prolific graffiti artists. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Doug Pray (“Hype!” and “Scratch”) who teamed up with writer, publisher, and graffiti guru Roger Gastman, the movie takes you deep into the world of street legends SABER, TOOMER, JASE, CLAW, EARSNOT, and ENEM.
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Kings of Broadway
The History of New York City graffiti is explored spanning three generations of artists. Featuring ALI, BAMA, CRASH, KET, PART ONE, STAN 153yb, TERROR 161 and ZEPHYR.
A Film by Chris Pape. Produced By Steve Morse
Your collection will not be complete with out this film!

Kings Destroy
This is an excellent video cronicling the history of COPE 2 and his crew Kings Destroy. Many famous New York City writers make appearances, including KASE 2 and BAN 2. Hip-Hop personalities such as Rakim, KRS One and Fat Joe make appearances.

Not Guilty
This is an incredible video. It showcases underground bombing missions across the globe. Starring writers from New York City, Canada, Germany, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Argentina, Australia, China and Japan. It clearly demonstrates the international scope aerosol art has reached. The video takes you directly inside train yards and lay-ups to watch writers in action. No dialog, but the video is backed by great old school funk and Hip Hop tracks.
Directed by the M.I.L.I.T.I.A.
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Stations of the Elevated
A film by Manny Kirchheimer 1980
Great footage of IRT subway during the mid 1970s fused with billboard advertising imagery. Features many paintings by The Fabulous 5. No dialog, soundtrack by Charles Mingus.

Much of the footage from this film was repackaged as a documentary called Spray Masters featuring interviews from well known figures such as LEE, FUTURA, PINK and ZEPHYR.
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Style Wars
Directed by Tony Silver, Produced by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant
Filmed during the early 1980s. It is the most successful documentary to date. Features the artists CASE 2, DURO, MIN, SHY 147 (rip), SEEN UA, SEEN TC5, DONDI (rip), CAP, IZ the Wiz and many others.
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Video Graf
Directed by Carl Weston aka SAN 2
First writer directed and produced series. Focused on the late 80s and early 90s in NYC and California. Lots of great interviews and yard and lay-up action.
After a few years of absence they are back in production. Once again covering New York's underground scene.
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Wild Style
Directed by Charlie Ahearn This film captures raw New York City Hip Hop prior to its commercialization. Its importance in Hip Hop history is singular. The film features MC, DJ, b-boy and aerosol art pioneers such as LEE QUINONES, FAB 5 FREDDIE, NOC 167, CAZ 2, ZEPHYR, LADY PINK, Patti Astor, Busy Bee, Cold Crush Brothers and many others. VHS format and as of 2002 available in DVD format. The DVD features rare out takes featuring top graffiti artists of the era as well as performances by MCs.
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For a listing of international videos visit Art Crimes

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