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When did you start writing?
It must have been about '74 actually it was more like '70-'71 could be '72, but not seriously. I started writing King 10. I lived on Tenth street. Then I started writing TEAM about '74. Started hitting trains around then in '74 and ya know trucks started on trucks.

Who influenced you to get into writing?
Going to schoolin New York City and all that. Everyone was like takin' the train to school. You see pieces and tags on trains. It was cool to produce. Everyone had names and used to tag on books. Taggin' on the black board in school. Then I guess started to take it more seriously. I used to really like checkin' out the trains. Dudes I was seein' obviously like Stayhigh 149 and all those kinds of tags you know with the two tone markers and the Voice of the Ghetto type stuff and like Mico and a couple of writers from Brooklyn, stuff like that. I used to bug out seeing their name everywhere you know like trains, walls, trucks. The way they used the Unis. In school we used to take the chalk to the board in Uni sizes and just tag the board over and over.

Is there any one main writer that got you started on trains?
I wouldn't say it was any one main writer. It was a bunch of different people that I met ya know. Ya know when I first started taggin' I didn't know how to hit the trains. Cause you gota know the ropes. I was hitting trucks and everything, but the more I started hitting trucks and getting involved you start meeting people. Then I would meet people and they would be "like do you want to come to a train yard? Do you want to come to a train tunnel?" and I'd be like yeah. So then I hooked up with a few people like my boy MAX the 3yb he lived up town, he actually showed me a lot of the ropes like he took me to a whole lot of places. He kinda wasn't into it any more but he knew I was, so then we did a bunch pieces together. He showed me all these tunnels and I met people through him and I started learning. The more people you meet, people are like I'll take you down to Newlots or different places.

Who Started The GO Club?
I started that. That was my crew. Basically it was for writers. It kinda turned into a youth gang almost.

Did Go stand for anything?
No just the Go Club.

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