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STAN 153

Started: 1970 Primary affiliations: 3YB & Master Works Local origin: Harlem, NY
Main lines: 1s 3s Ds

STAN 153 started in 1970 in Harlem on 153rd street and 8th Avenue. He was one of the original 3 Yard Boys and one of the founding members of Master Works Productions. He has coloborated and painted with almost every top aerosol artist in New York City. From the seventies to the nineties he has been involved in the graff movement and has done 40 shows in the U.S. and Europe. He has been documented in the first graff book ever, The Faith of Graffiti by Norman Mailer, back in 1974 and Getting Up 1984 by Craig Castleman. His clothing has been featured in Fresh the book of Hip Hop by Susan Finkler. STAN's work has been displayed at The Tunnel, Baktuns and other venues through out New York City. He was also featured in Stress Magazine Issue 13 "All City Then".
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