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Started: Mid 1980s Primary affiliations: TFP, TDS, RIS, VIC Local origin: NYC
Areas hit: NYC Streets Main lines: All-city

SANESMITH first came into the public eye during the mid 1980s. The efforts of SANESMITH hold a critical place in New York City Graffiti history.; the mid '80s were a transitional period for writing. At this point the Metropolitan Transit Authority was finally beginning to gain the upper hand in the war on graffiti. Graffiti removal from the subway was significantly more effective than in previous generations of writers. Many writers were frustrated and quit writing.

SANESMITH and writers such as the RIS crew continued to bomb subways during this period. It seemed to many that New York City writing was on its deathbed. With trains becoming an increasingly less viable option, SANESMITH began to hit the streets of New York. They took bombing to an entirely new level. They hit extremely high-profile locations throughout the city; climaxing on the landmark Brooklyn Bridge. SANESMITH along with writers like GHOST and JA also pioneered methodical subway tunnel bombing. SANESMITH was frequently on the New York City Police Department's most wanted vandal list. According to writers of the time SANESMITH received an unprecedented level of harassment by law enforcement.

Though SANESMITH is counted among the city's most prolific bombers, the artistic abilities of SANESMITH cannot be over looked. Displayed below are a few examples of both bombing and creativity.

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