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2002, 2008 SES Do not republish without permission.

Dragon'z Log: (1974-Bronx N.Y.).. A Manhattan born artist whom moved to and lived in the Bronx for several years moving later on to Brooklyn where eventually i'd remain and establish my craft or true calling. As years would attest to I've done it all from the outsides to the insides to layups and many pull-in-pull outs, elevateds and yards city-wide having been in just about every major crew at some point and truly proud to have been a part of it all which in retrospect i'd do all over again without a second of hesitation :) A true pioneer to the "Art Of Tagging" and the most reknowned of all inside artists to ever champion the art of tagging taking it to bolder heights while both dominating the insides and demolishing them with an unorthodox yet incomparable style of writing which only grew/improved exponentially reaching legendary heights of its own accord while becoming one of the greatest inside artists in the history of graffiti. Among the who's who of graffiti writers what many of the most reknowned outside artists managed to accomplish with their bolder expressions of artwork (or piecing) on the outsides this artist did in spades to the insides by literally transforming the insides of the subways and revolutionizing the "Art of Tagging" to an unprecedented level which would eventually captivate the subways and audiences from friends and foes to fans alike ushering a revival of interest in the inside artform as tagging once again would become looked at, essential and recognized while perhaps giving even a moment of pause deep down inside of the minds of those whom for the first time were forced to look at the work of an inside artist which exploded with a fury onto the scene illiciting either hatred or outright wonder with each expression developing to such a degree that it was unlike anything else even remotely close either during its span nor after the scene would finally be over.

The emergence of the genuine article in the form of a true "Inside Styler/Artist" who's will/love for the underdog art (of tagging) could neither be surpressed, surpassed nor outshined became a major thorn to some yet surely its was only a matter of time before something like this happened regardless as every artform is multi-facited and to believe that only the outside art is what graffiti was comprised of or what made it shine is in fact quite ridiculous as the art of tagging would equally see many incarnations of unique developement eventually having led to this very progression of the artform itself resulting in something unlike anything ever seen before (which the art of the outsides was all to well acquainted with having had its share of unique pioneers whom heralded change via sacrifice thus paving the way towards progression into the very forms which are seen today). The most basic or grass roots form of graffiti known as "Tagging" from which all else derives is nor ever was any less of a formidable artform with its share of many pioneers that were ahead of their time but which eventually would see artistic stagnation for periods of time due to the decline or participation in doing subway insides in part due to the lure of the outside art and its attraction, notoriety or acclaim as well as for many other reasons. It was during these periods or phases that the bombardment of prime showcasing space on the inside of subways would rapidly become occupied by those with less experience while leaving this platform vulnerable and in need of new blood as the subway insides had lost their magic while the outside art continued to thrive... All this would eventually change as a new dawn silently approached heralding the rise like a phoenix and triumphant return of the true art of tagging striking back with a vengeance thus restoring the art of the insides to their rightful presence while completing the circle (or the proverbial ying and yang) as every side not only has its opposite but every cause also having an effect as the art of tagging (or writing and styling) would not go out quietly into the night before all was said and done as the inside art would reign along with the outside art lasting well unto the end if not slightly just before when graffiti was finally no more. The pen in this instance being as mighty as the sword (and justice delivered so they'd never again be ignored). --- The outside artform having their own bold presence while the inside art - the true art of tagging - its rightful presence and a voice of its own!

(In Memory of JN2 aka Joenuts/Tax/Boom aka Friday/LaRoc/ Chic/P13/Rae/El3/Shy147/Dean/Dondi/Pg... whom are gone and no longer with us like so many others yet whom will always be with us, as all of them gave of themselves for the art. ..

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