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Started: Early 1970s Primary affiliations: 3YB, TR Local origin: Queens
Main lines: 7s IRT, BMTs, INDs

ROGER, a Jackson Heights native, launched his writing career in the early 1970s. He hit many of New York City's subway lines, but is most well known for his efforts on the IRT division's number 7 line. He is one of the most celebrated writers ever to hit the 7 line. His prolific writing during the mid 1970s eaisly gained him the title "King of the 7s". He held this title for several years. ROGER along with partner CHINO 174 produced countless throw ups and pieces. Their partnership is widely acknowledged one the most sucessful of the era.

Another highlight in his career was his participation in the creation of the legendary "Freedom Train". In 1976 all the cars of an entire subway train were painted in honor of America's bicentenial celebration. It was dubbed the "Freeom Train". Though the entire train never made it into service as a unit, it was seen as a mile stone in subway art's history. It further solidified ROGER's reputation as a top-ranking writer. Somewhere around early 1977 ROGER brought his subway painting career to a close. Due to his prolific efforts ROGER's name ran on the subway long after he retired from painting subways.

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