Recently a conflict erupted between BANKSY and ROBBO--a widely respected writer form London's old school. The conflict arose after BANKSY dissed a ROBBO piece on a wall along the Regent’s Canal in London. The piece had remained untouched since 1985.The fact that it remained untouched was a testament to the fact that writers in London have a deeply held respect for prior generations. Last Christmas ROBBO came out of a long retirement to retaliate. A loosely knit team of ROBBO supporters was formed under the name TEAM ROBBO. The supporters have participated in an artistic conflict with BANKSY in which art works are defaced in a game of witty one-upmanship. The story became international news and the conflict came to represent the larger conflict between street art and graffiti art.

The following interviews were facilitated by CHOCI, a TEAM ROBBO member, one of London's old school writers and perhaps the first Brit to paint a New York City subway train. Featured here are brief interviews with ROBBO, CHOCI and several old school London writers who are members of TEAM ROBBO including PIC MARK DOZE, PRIME and FUEL.

ROBBO Interview

TEAM ROBBO Interview

CHOCI Interview


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