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Aliases: HEAT, DIVE 2, SWISH 167, PAME 2
Started: Approx. 1972 Primary affiliations: POG, SLICK INC. Local origin: Bushwick, NY
Areas hit: All city Main lines: Js, LLs, Ms, Ds, 1s, 3s, 5s,2s

REPEL was a Brooklyn based who writer started in the early 1970s. During the mid 1970s he bombed Js, Ms and LLs with writers like DEL, SHIP 1, MAD 2, NICO, and TAIN 1.

REPEL was a well rounded style master. He was widely praised for his ability to break down letter forms. Assets like a firm Brooklyn style, a natural illustration ability and influences like BILLY 167 and NOC 167 gave REPEL unique blend of style. His letter forms were imaginative and complicated yet maintained the boldness and movement found in Brooklyn.

Between 1978 and 1979 REPEL produced a number of works on the 5s and 2s with his partner/student KADO also from Brooklyn. Even though they were from Brooklyn they frequently painted in Bronx lay-ups such as Esplanade, 223rd Street and 225th Street.

REPEL stopped writing during 1979 until DONDI brought him back for a production. Soon after this, REPEL formed two new partnerships. QUIK RTW was in the middle of a city-wide rampage and was full of energy. He joined up with REPEL and they did several whole cars on the 5 and 2 lines of the IRT division. DAZE CYA was hitting the IRT 1 line (Broadway) and focusing on style. The two made a great combination, adding to Broadway's parade of burners. After 1980 REPEL quit for good.

REPEL is frequently credited as one of Brooklyn's most influential stylists.

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