What year did you start writing?
1977 the year of the big blackout.

What writers inspired you?

Did you have a mentor?
S131, FANTA 1

List all of your other names.
RCA Reckless Car Artist RCA ONE M131 2RECKLESS

How did you develop your style?
Just kept writing.

What crews were you down with?
IRT my crew Invading Rapid Transit, also BYB, NCB, CK, TNS, RTW, MAFIA, TSS.

Who were your best partners?

What lines did you hit?
RR, J, M, LL flats. Es Fs, 1s 7s As.

Where were your favorite places to bomb?

City Hall Lay-up and the M Yard.

Do you have any good raid stories?
I have a couple, unfortunately they are not good for me. I got caught. One time me MACE and KEN DU were doing tags on the 74th Street Roosevelt Avenue underground station and DTs came out of no where and grabbed MACE and KEN DU. I managed to get away, but the next day officers Rodin and Wassermann knocked on my door. I tried to deny any involvement, but I had green opaque on my hands so they took me in. It was a joke. Rodin bragged about throwing beat downs to DEAN BYB and SON 1 PAL. I asked DEAN about it he didn't say much about it, but he kept writing. That time I got a slap on the wrist. One time ROB 78 invited me to the RR lay-ups. He gave me paint and he persisted I come. SN and 3E also came. We started bombing between Broadway and 30th Avenue and the train was coming and we all couldn't fit between cars so some how I got stuck climbing up. I went inside the train and starting killing the insides. Shortly after both trains on each side passed by it was loud dark and out of no where someone grabbed me from behind and they were trying real hard to throw me down. I was scared to death. Finally I heard resisting arrest and I just fell. I didn't know if it was someone trying to kill me, so I got cuffed thrown off the train like I was walking the plank. It was Curly and Ferrari. They proceeded to bash me against the train station all the way to the stairs. I ended up doing three days in Rikers Island. When I got out I was pretty sure ROB 78 set me up. I punched him in the face. He didn't deny it. After that my train career was pretty much ended, it was 1983.

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