ODIN Rest in Peace

Tribute by FADE TFO, 2011

Graff writers die quicker then anyone else, especially ones who actually bomb, it comes from a wild place. We get killed quick. You always feel for the soul, even if you never liked their style, cause in the end we are all in for the same cause. Taking spaces, freedom, we are against the system, this world is a bunch of tricks! I lost a bunch in this ride but was was hit real hard with shock of my partner/ best friend brother / Odin AA. Odin was the toughest kid in your crew, who ever you had he would beat them. A marine, with the heart of gold, The ODB of graph. He changed my life as I know it, I got inspired to write on walls from him in the late 80's we were just kids, who didn't give a damn about anything except throwing some dicks and tags up. As we grew up I learned what a friend was, life, death and everything.

He got his chance to put his crazy skills to the street, kinda running in a full circle. But now I'm out there keeping it alive. You will still see his name live on. Keep your friends alive, they talk to you. He passed away 2 years ago, and he will live on…Odin who? King of wolves….

This is a real trip to write about what we did and what it meant to him. I could type for hours, but this is the fucking internet….…  People who knew him loved him and feared him. Thanks for the flashback, his kid and mom will read this soon. Yes Anthony, your dad was a hero! Everything Fades, and it all lives again and we are all Odin's. Its our job to go out there and let people know something else exists.

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Photos courtesy of FADE.


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