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What year did you start writing on subways?
I didn't start doing trains until '83. My line was the 6, but I also hit the 2s, 4s and 5s.

How did you get your name?
There was this white boy who wrote FASE in the late '70s - early '80s, who had in my opinion, awesome handstyle, so I dropped in the "L", and I was reincarnated. FASE was down with TNC (Throggs Neck Crew) and the early (United Artists).

List all the other names under which you have painted?

What inspired you become involved in writing?
Seeing SEEN UA's work was extremely exciting. He made me want to write. COMET and BLADE made me want to bomb.

Did you have a mentor?
SEEN, COMET and BLADE would fall under that category.

Who influenced your style?
As far as my piecing is concerned - no influences. I always felt it was important to come out with a different style every time I would piece!

What borough are you originally from?
Born and raised in Da Boogie Down Bronx!

What lines have you hit and where were your favorite locations to hit them?
Zerega Avenue lay-up for the 6 and the Ghost Yard for the 2,4 and 5.

Who were your most successful partners?
I was always a loner, but I wrote with CAT and CRANE then TATs.

Which crews have you written for?
Back then, FA and TATs. Now I can add OTB, TFP, TNS and TC5.

Give us a brief history of your affiliation with the TAT crew (TATs Cru)?
When I started writing, my claim to fame was being the first to truly destroy the streets and highways, so when I met the TAT crew we ran together and I was put down for my street bombing.

Any good raid stories?
A whole lot of 'em. Let's see there's when me and BIO saved MACK's life. We were bombing the East River Drive, when Highway One spotted us. So we ran into the property where those polka dotted cement trucks were and ran along the edge of the East River. MACK fell into the water, and mind you it was about 10 below zero, so we had mad drama trying to pull him out while avoiding the cops and carrying his hypothermia-ass home!

When did you quit painting trains?
I didn't do so many trains; I pieced about 4 of them, mostly bombed them with tags! Again the "street bomb" was my claim to fame, but to answer that "84, '85.

Are there any writers you feel made significant contributions to writing that have been over looked by history?
Yes. I'd say FDT 56, IN, FR, G-MAN, PRE-SWEET, MOOSE 106, CHRIS 217, EL-KAY, COS, SMILEY, BS 119,AND BABY 168.

You write for magazines such as FRANK 151 and Mass Appeal, how did you become involved and what was your motivation?
I started my journalistic career by bumping into CAP MPC. After 20 years, I felt it was important for someone to interview him. At the time the only mag I knew anyone down with, was FRANK 151 and that was EASE. Because of CAP's history, the few who were down with that mag in New York at the time were reluctant to do the interview, so they asked if I would do it and I did. I went on to interview RD 357 and FUTURA 2000 for Mass Appeal's Manhattan issue-then STAY HIGH 149. Then I started doing other types of projects for the mags. Far as motivation, I feel mags are a good platform to reach many and enlighten!

Recently you collaborated on murals with an unusual line up of artists including DALEK and Shepard Fairey. Fill us in on what you have been up to.
I love being creative and I admire different artists, so I'm collaborating with cats who are on some other sh*t, so I'm stretching myself to fit into their world for those collaborations.

Any closing words?
Yes, everyone is capable to do or be anything they wish to be, so feel who you truly are and set yourself free! NYC LASE

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