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Where and when did you start writing on trains?
1974, Queens.

What borough and what street are you originally from?
124th Street in Harlem. then we moved to Queens in 1972.

Did you have a particular inspiration or mentor(s)?
Not really. I did a lot of hanging out with DUKE 9. I was inspired by HE 3, TEE 3YB, OG 3. I learned some good racking techniques from DEAN 2 aka LE aka KO.

How did you get your name?
NE stands for NASTY EASY. Back in late 1975 a lot of writers started using two letter names. I got the idea from TRUE 2, he said he was changing his name to NT (NASTY TRUE). You were able to bomb more spaces with two letters ie.. above the window throw-up, made famous by TO 729, HE 3, IN and OG 3.

List all the other names you are known.

Which subway lines have you hit?
Main lines were the E, F, G, EE, N. I have pieced or tagged on all other lines. When you hit the E, F, G and N trains, they switch around to all other lettered lines. More bombing for the buck.

Which crews have you written for?

How did you join T.C. (The Crew)?
UNCLE JOHN 178 introduced me JESTER. JESTER move to Queens (E, F, G, N and A lines) from Manhattan. JESTER saw that I was killinŐ the INDs, so he let me join.

Who were your best partners?
EX ONE aka KEVIN 97, PI 2 aka FANE, DACE 2, RED 2, JESTER, ROTO, SNAK, DEAN and my brother UN 2.

Do you have any good raid stories?
Wosserman and Rotorman and a lot of other cops came down to 71st and Continental Avenue (writer's bench) and tried to bust everyone for hanging out. When they said put the cuffs on all of them, I busted through a wall of cops and hauled ass. I was the only one to get away. JESTER, PI, RED 2 and UNCLE JOHN watched from the other side of the platform. They all liked the way I knocked cops down to get away. I was the talk of the crew for a while.

Who were the top writers of your era?
JESTER, DEAN2, PI 2, VINNY, CLIFF 159, DIZZY, HE 3, OG 3, TO 729, HURST aka OI, IN TRUE 2, EARL, DUKE 9, UNCLE JOHN, TEAR 2, JOINT 170, SLY 108, EX 1, ROTO, SNAK, FLICK, TEE, TAIN, AFX 2, TERO, DISCO, TI 149, PNUT 2, CHI CHI 133, FDT 56, LSD 3ŐS, AVENUE, OUCH, DP 2, MAD 2, HEAT aka REPEL, IZ THE WIZ, IT, DASH ,RJ 2, STEVE 61, SKATE, CLYDE, HERB 99, TRACY 168, MINO 2, CA, SHORTY 13, SHIP, LEE and The Fab Five, BLADE, and CAINE from the number 7 line.

Are there any particular writers from your era you feel more need more recognition?
Yes. Myself, I was king of the E, F line in 1977. EX ONE was king before me and DUKE 9 was king before him. HE 3 really killed the J, M, LL lines with top to bottoms and above the window throw-ups. I think he had to be king of top bottoms . OG 3 also, I think he was HE 3's partner. EARL, king of the insides (tagging), and SKATE, king of the R-46 ding-dongs (outside tagging with paint).

When did you quit writing?
1977, late Spring.

Do you have anyclosing words?
Great Web site, I just relived my youth. Graffiti will never be the same without the subway trains. Peace, big ups from EASY ONE and The Crew.

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