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MARE 139
Aliases: RIG 340, PARE, FE3, DEO, NIGHTMARE 139 Started:1976 Primary affiliations: ROC Stars, CIA, RTW, TVS Local origin: Bronx, New York
Main lines hit: 1s, 3s, 6, 5s, 2s, Js, LLs, Ms

MARE 139 started his writing career on the IRT division in the South Bronx during the late 1970s. During his career MARE focused on the more creative aspects of graffiti. In addition to producing collaborative works with his brother KEL 139 he has painted with artists such as DONDI (rip), SHY 147 (rip), MIN ONE, DURO ONE and others. MARE branched out to Brooklyn to assist in the CIA and TKA crew's creative take over of the BMT division's Js, LLs and Ms in 1978.

MARE translated his experience with subway painting into new mediums such as sculpture and digital art. In the 1980s MARE broke new ground by creating sculptures in metal. These sculptures were extensions upon the wild styled lettering he learned on the transit system.

MARE has also experimented with digital interpretations of his art. He initiated the online style battle MARE 139 vs. The World.
MARE holds a firm commitment to the preservation of the history and traditions of graffiti art. He presently speaks in museums and educational institutions across the world.

Interview with MARE 139 Conducted by @149st February 15, 2001.

Visit MARE 139's Web site.

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