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Started: 1973 Primary affiliations: N/A Local origin: Queens
Lines Hit: INDs

LIL SOUL 159 is an IND division writer from 159th Street in the South Jamaica section of Queens. LIL SOUL joined the ranks of subway writers in 1973. In addition to hitting his home lines like the Es, EEs, Fs and GGs, LIL SOUL ventured as far as the Baychester Lay-up in The Bronx, the 3-Yard in Harlem and the Kingston Lay-up in Brooklyn to hit the IRT division. LIL SOUL was known for tags and bubble-letter styled pieces. His tag as did many others of the era became a classic and influenced subsequent generations of writers. Though LIL SOUL was popular and well connected in the writing community, he never officially joined any crews. He was, however associated with the Brooklyn branch of the 3-Yard Boys crew and was also a prominent figure at the old Parsons Boulevard Writer's Bench in Queens. He had successful partnerships with writers like SOFIVE and ROYAL. LIL SOUL's run on the subway system drew to a close in 1975.

More on LIL SOUL 159 in the future.

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