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Aliases: HE3, SERO
Started: 1977 Primary affiliations: TNS, CW Local origin: Manhattan-Lower East Side
Main lines: Js LLs, Ms

LEC ONE aka HE 3 of Manhattan's Lower East Side started writing around 1977 under the alias HE 3. The time period under which LEC wrote HE 3 was brief. By early 1979 he was writing LEC ONE; the name he would carry for the majority of his career. LEC confined most of his efforts to subway car exteriors on the BMT division. He hit the Js, Ms and LLs with both pieces and throw-ups. LEC wrote with local writers such as LO ONE (rip), SPAR ONE, EL 3 (rip), ERIC aka DEAL and SNAP ONE.

LEC frequented lay-ups such as Halsey Street in Brooklyn and The Bowery in Manhattan. By the mid 1980s LEC had retired from writing.

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