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Aliases: Chuleta, Fu*k Giuliani Started:1986 Primary affiliations: MTK, RIS, XTC, AOK, WKS, DTK Local origin: Brooklyn, New York
lines hit: BMT, IND, IRT

KET started writing in 1986. He wrote during an era when the transit graffiti movement was experiencing unprecedented levels of pressure from the city government. His career took the fast path to the Transit Police Vandal Squad's most wanted list. KET wrote on all three subway divisions, but was particularly effective on the BMT and IND divisions. He wrote with many crews including the prolific RIS crew. He balanced his career by focusing equally on pieces, throw-ups and insides. He is counted among New York City's first generation of Clean Train writers. (Writers who continued to paint subway cars after the Metropolitan Transit Authority set in effect the 1989 policy of removing all marked subway cars from service.)


In 1995 KET founded Stress, a magazine focused on New York City urban life, politics and Hip Hop culture. This nationally distributed publication was unique among the many magazines within the Hip Hop arena. Many publications focus primarily on Hip Hop's music industry and have the tendency to neglect or shortchange the aspects of Hip Hop which do not rapidly draw revenue. Stress filled the void covering varied topics such as the growth of Hip Hop in Cuba and Brazil, old school B-Boys (break dancers), legendary street hustlers, police brutality, unsigned underground rap acts and aerosol art history. KET has served as an advocate for a community struggling to find a voice.

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Interview with KET ONE Conducted by @149st February, 2001.

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