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Aliases: DESPOT 2, KID TWIST 2, O-SNAP, ARTIST of FORTUNE, J.D. 718 and JOHN DOE 718
Started: Early 1976 Primary affiliations: GND, NSA Local origin: Brooklyn
Main lines: Ds, Fs, Ms

JOUST of Brooklyn, started his career on the subway during the mid 1970s. Through out the course of his career he focused his efforts on the M, D and F subway lines. He was active with several well known Brooklyn based crews, including the Non Stop Action crew and latter generations of the Graffiti Never Dies crew. JOUST made a come back in the 1980s. During this time he utilized traditional old school style pieces and tags, influenced by writers such as DANGER 59 and TJ 159. JOUST also became well known for his bombing outside the subway system. His name was frequently seen on New York City streets and highways.

JOUST interview conducted December 30, 2002 by @149st

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