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Started on subways:Early 1980s
Primary affiliations:
TDS Local origin: Manhattan
Lines hit: 1s,2s 3s 5,s 6s

JOEY TDS hails from Spanish Harlem. He first made his presence known on the subway in the early 1980s. He hit the 6 line rather effectly. His name was also seen on the Broadway and and 5 lines. He painted with writers like POKE from the IBM crew, MACK, PART, DELTA and others. JOEY has written for a variety of crews including Kings Arrive, The Death Squad and The Crazy Partners amoung others.

In the late 1980s JOEY's subway paint drew to a close. He did many paintings at the Harlem Graffiti Hall of Fame, but would eventually quit. Though he rarely paints today, he is instrumental in organizing the annual painting event at the Harlem Graffiti Hall of Fame.

JOEY TDS interview

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