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When did you start?
I started during the year of 1976,in Harrin's High School, formally known as Park West High.

Who in influenced you?
BEAR 167(RIP) and BS 119.

Where and when did you first hit trains?
I started in 1976, which was motion tagging on the CCs, or any nearby area like the A Yards.

Was JOE 61 the first name you started writing?
The first name that I started with was the alias STROKE.

Where was your favorite place to hit?
Utica Avenue lay up.

What were your favorite brand and colors of paint to use and why?
Epoxy,Red Devil, and Krylon. My colors were Silver and Cascade Green. They were my favorites. Silver was a fast paint.

What was your favorite ink to use?
My favorite ones were Marsh and Flo-Master

What was your favorite work?
On the number 2 train, it was dedicated to a rock group called The Cars, we never saw the train and we never took pictures of it. SONIC 002 helped with the paint.

Describe yourself as an artist:
I like to do blockbusters, top-to-bottoms, and floaters.

Describe yourself as a bomber:
I'm a low-key bomber.

When did you do your last piece?
My last piece was in 1984 with SONIC 002 in the CC yard.

How did BAD Inc. start?
In 1978, when I was introduced to SONIC 002 by EG.

Who were your best writing partners?
SONIC 002,INK 76, and SOC 167.

Name all the original core BAD members:

Describe BAD's motivation:
To go all-city,take the outsides and the insides over.

Got any good raid stories?
BIL ROCK, REVOLT and QUIK of RTW, MURDER, SHICK, CHOLO ROCK, JP, and DANNY of The G Crew, and I were rockin' the A Yards one summer night in 1979. We were insides and outsides bombing the train yard, and all of a sudden there were cops everywhere.I saw BIL ROCK, QUIK,and REVOLT cut out, which left me with the G Crew. So me and my brother OZ, made a run for it. As me and my brother were walking home around 4:30 in the morning, the same transit cops that raided the yard caught site of us and yelled at me and my brother "I'd like to ask you guys a question," so the cop tackles my brother to the floor and starts to kick him, meanwhile I pushed the officer that was attacking him. So we ended up getting arrested and thrown in the back of a police car. On our way to the 33rd district, the officer hit me in the head with his walkie talkie. When we arrived at 33rd, we caught site of the whole G Crew.

What do you think of the writing of today?
It's all good, but don't try to do a wall and be the king of tomorrow,which I noticed on all of the walls lately with great graff. art.

Any advice for the current generation?
There's no place like the way it was when I was growing up doing trains.Just keep doing the walls nice.

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