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JAMESTOP grew up in the East New York Section of Brooklyn. He began his writing career in 1971. In the mid 1970s JAMES would would join forces with writers like MICKEY and HURST in the legendary crew The Odd Partners. JAMES hit IRTs, INDs and made an especially strong effort on the J, LL and M lines of the BMT division during 1977 and 1978.

JAMES did a great deal of this writing under the alias JEE 2. After 1978 the founding TOP president MICKEY became less active. At that point JAMES undertook the role of leadership for the crew and maintains it to present day. In the late 1990s JAMES revitalized the crew with talents such as KEO and ADER and others.

The same skills JAMES utilized to maintain the TOP crew on the streets and subways he now draws upon to bring graffiti art into more formal venues such as art galleries and television. JAMES has helped transform TOP into a collective of professionals in arts and communications.


JAMES has held successful aerosol art exhibitions at Polytech in Brooklyn, Genisus Arts and Exhibit "A" Gallery in Harlem. These shows have featured work by talented writers from many different generations. Pioneering artists such as STAY HIGH 149, MICO, FLINT 707 have participated in JAMES's exhibits. Painters from the 1970s and 1980s such as IZ THE WIZ, DURO, FLIN, ZEPHYR and KEO have also displayed work, as have newer artists such as MERES.

The fact that JAMES is an aerosol art insider ensures that the exhibits he curates maintain a genuine street flair often lost in gallery settings. The exhibits have been well received by both the aerosol art community and the general public.

JAMESTOP is also the host of a weekly New York City based Hip Hop cable television show called Inside Graffiti. The show is produced in association with Graffiti Inc. and JamesTop Productions. The broadcasts feature current events in the aerosol art community and interviews with aeorsol art legends.

Under JAMESTOP's leadership TOP crew continues to evolve with the times.

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