Started: 2001 Primary affiliations: KD,156 crew Local origin: Manhattan (Washington Heights)
Areas hit: New York City streets, International

INDIE 184 is one of the city's most high profile female writers. She began her career in 2001. Her work is seen along side many of the city's most accomplished artists. Her name has also appeared on European streets and transit systems. She works with clean simple letterforms complimented with a vivid color pallet.
INDIE is also active in the gallery scene. She has curated several exhibitions including Queenz Arrive, a group exhibition featuring the work of female artists held at the McCaig-Welles Gallery in Brooklyn. Her alternative pursuits include graphics for the video game Grand Theft Auto 4 and her street apparel brand Queenz Destroy.

INDIE 184 Interview conducted June, 2008 by @149st

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