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IN-All-City Legend

Aliases: KILL3, BI, BAD IN
Started: Early 1970s Primary affiliations: TOP, 3YB, BYB, TK Local origin: Bronx, NY
Main lines: All-City

IN aka KILL3 was one of new York City's most successful true all-city kings. In did many standard pieces and some insides, but it is his throw-up that he became famous for. IN was one of the most prolific writers in New york City history; doing over 10,000 throw-up pieces. His most concentrated efforts were between 1975 and 1977. He became throw-up king of every subway line in the city.

He was so prolific that rumors spread through out the graffiti community that he painted with two hands and also duct taped spray cans together to double the speed with which he painted. IN had an alternate two letter throw-up name BI which stood for BAD IN. He painted for The Odd Partners, the Three Yard Boys and many other crews. According to graffiti lure he was finally apprehended in lower Manhattan on the BMT at the Broad Street pull-in pull-out lay-up in 1977. IN hit so many subway cars that his name appeared more frequently than many active writers well after he quit.

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