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HOY 56

Aliases: LIL HIP 1, TAG 9
Started: 1971 Primary affiliations: The Rebels, Wanted, 3YB, Salsa Local origin: Bronx
Areas Hit: NYC

HOY 56 started his writing career in on the streets of the Bronx around 1968. He started of with early partners such as YAZ, TINE 1 JBJ 56 and FDT 56. These writers were from 156th Street, but discreetly dropped the numeral 1 in order not to reveal their home turf. HOY was active during the pioneering tag era when "writer" tags were becoming more prominent than "gang" tags and also when graffiti made its transition from streets to trains. Around 1971 his name began to appear on the subway, most frequently on the IRT division. HOY was affiliated with many of the eras more popular crews. He has been associated with The Rebels, Salsa and Wanted. He continued to to write until around 1975.

More on HOY in the future.

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